Fox Hunt Transmitter

Fox Hunt Transmitter

This is project 3 of 3, Project one was the building of the attenuators & project two was the building of the tape measure Yagi antenna. I can not take much credit for building this, I was able to research and found other hams with a similar idea to build an automated transmitter.  Tamworth Technology Group was a great resource & WT4Y as well as VE6BTC where my sources for the Arduino code. From those two sites, I was able to build a “fox”. I made some minor adjustments to the Arduino code to fit my needs. As you can see from the schematic how I wired everything together with a Baofeng UV5R, as well as a video showing the fox in action. What is great about this fox is it can be remotely started/stopped with DMTF codes from WT4Y other code option was on/off written by VE6BTC. This was a great project in terms of learning how to interface a radio with a microcontroller as well as learning about Arduino code & a better understanding of relays. Now off to the hunt 🙂
Fox Hunt rules & safety notes
Arduino files for download

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