Winlink Wednesday

Winlink Wednesday

This particular net is based in Alberta and we would like to focus on Alberta for now.  

The purpose of the Winlink Wednesday net is two-fold.

First, it is intended to practice using Winlink to send e-mails. Emails in general is pretty easy and common-place today, but not necessarily sending forms using the templates provided in Winlink Express. By continuing to practice using the templates when checking in to the net, the process will be fresh in mind in the case where the operator may in a deployment situation where communication through Winlink e-mail is required.

Second, the intent is to send the check-ins via RF. This can be through a VHF Gateway, or HF gateway. By doing this, it will keep in mind how to configure your station as well as how the system is integrated. Again, this is to keep the skill-set sharp in the situation of a deployment.

Just a note, if you do not have the capabilities of sending Winlink e-mail via RF, you can still check in with a Telnet session. We will not turn away any check-ins regardless of how they come in.

Some examples of how Amateur radio has helped in a time of emergency Fort McMurray Fire  & High River floods  

Check-ins are any time on Wednesday. Using the “Winlink Check In” send an e-mail via Winlink to VA6MCP
Every Tuesday I will send out a question to help foster discussions. 

  1. Launch Winlink Express.
  2. Select new message.
  3. Click on “Select Template” in the menu.
  4. Expand Standard Templates
  5. Expand GENERAL Forms
  6. Double Click on “Winlink Check In.txt”


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